Helloooo (-elloo -elloo -elloo...)

Once again... I'M BACK FROM THE DEAD! Well, not completely back. I finally got a job and now that summer is winding down I'm entering crunch time period for whatever it is I think I'm "working on". From being indecisive on whether I will cosplay or not at the convention I'm going to in September to freaking out about a couple animes ending (ONE WAAY TOO QUICKLY), I have done a lot of nothing in regard to gathering interesting things to post. So, again, I offer a cheap item of entertainment to distract you from your unhappiness due to my absence: MAKE SURE YOU WATCH IT'S GLORIOUS ENTIRETY.
Another topic of interest I would like to address are my mysterious Pageview stats. WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE THAT KEEP VISITING MY BLOG? SHOW YOURSELVES! I could always use more friends. :D