Fridays are fun days

I was cleaning my room earlier and preparing the house for my parents to visit next weekend. I had music playing and went to pick up some pads of paper and ended up wiggling my butt in the air for about five minutes and entirely forgot about the paper.


Bleeding for my Ice Cream

Summer session has finally come to an end here in Tallahassee, and for me it has been a very short yet fulfilling semester. This would be my second semester taking a course with Pamela Theis, and like the last I have gained so many new skills in clay under her guidance.

Since I came to school with prior experience with wheel throwing it is a process I'm much more comfortable with. It's faster and I don't find it as intimidating as hand-building with clay. Production work is something I have grown every fond of in all areas of my work so I was definitely enthusiastic to approach the wheel on a more "serious" level.

Some new forms I have fallen in love with are the enclosed form and double-walled bowl. These seem to go against one of the very first lessons that is learned about wheel throwing: DO NOT TRAP AIR (because all your hard work will explode in the kiln). My interest in exploring these new structures served as a jumping off point for driving my concepts in the class.


Temporary tattoos in a mad rush!

 Late last September I was preparing for the Fall BFA audition and was whipping up a last minute project that was going to be the main focal point of my spread. I ended up with a somewhat failed experiment because I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing, and I waited until nearly the last minute to actually make it. Frankly, I was too wrapped up in planning it.

The project was based on the process of combining printmaking with wheel throwing. I wanted to screen print a design onto a couple ceramic vessels basically. 

Don't worry

I fully intend on making a title graphic for the blog.


I really REALLY enjoy tacky.

Look who enjoys flocking. This girl.

Strawberry Ice Cream Goddess is a five color screen print with the final magenta layer flocked. Flocking was an interesting process. I found that a ratio of one part ink and one part adhesive (I'm assuming it was PVA) worked well, however I made multiple passes with the squeegee to ensure the areas did not dry too quickly. I had a little bit of an issue with it drying in my screen so printing with multiple passes, much like fabric printing, and quick working helped to avoid constant trips to the sink.


So busy. I miss video games.

I've had my Wacom Bamboo tablet for about 7 years I think? I know I definitely bought it while I was in middle school, but I'm just now figuring out how to (successfully) draw with it. Happy days!

Below are in progress sketches for a print I'm preparing for screens.

 This will be part of a three part series of my ice cream goddesses, and will feature some flocked elements. I expect it to be a five color run, including the flock but excluding the paper color. Updates next week!

Also, happy Valentines day everyone!