Temporary tattoos in a mad rush!

 Late last September I was preparing for the Fall BFA audition and was whipping up a last minute project that was going to be the main focal point of my spread. I ended up with a somewhat failed experiment because I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing, and I waited until nearly the last minute to actually make it. Frankly, I was too wrapped up in planning it.

The project was based on the process of combining printmaking with wheel throwing. I wanted to screen print a design onto a couple ceramic vessels basically. 

The concept was directly linked to the process, and explored the effect of time on the development of an idea. Ironic, I know. I went through so many variations of the form, from traditional curved hourglass bulbs to minimalistic trapezoidal prisms that stack and become an hourglass shape, then back to curved hourglass but this time displayed on its side.
 It had been quite some time since I had thrown anything, soo I encountered plenty of issues. The first was that since I was working out of a sculptural ceramics lab, they only sold clay meant for hand-building and molds. Therefore, my clay had higher amounts of grog, or rocky sandy gravelly particles meant to improve structural integrity.

In order to develop the image I started with a pair linocuts depicting the "happiness" and "despair" characters. Next I designed an image from combining the prints to burn on to the screen. This was be the image that would be transferred onto the ceramics.

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