Earlier today I was rummaging through my parents' shed to find a couple things and was incredibly startled so much so in fact that I ran into our house screaming and flailing my arms, and when I came back out my neighbor poked his head out of the house to see if I was alright. I doodled the event in strict realism. Except I forgot all the explosions and urgent orchestral soundtracks.


Bananas and Plasma Cutters

While taking this Sculpture I course, as part of the curriculum we learned to fabricate metal and how to operate real macho tools like the oxyactylene torch, arc welder, and my personal favorite the plasma cutter. Given that our teacher was very open about being unfamiliar with metal working processes it was a learning opportunity for everyone involved, therefore expectations for our effort's outcomes were really relaxed.
I immediately came up with a soft, yet angular shape by messing around with strips of paper board and I was set on creating a set of them to recreate the impression of a herd because of their ressemblance to nomadic animals like buffalo or elephants. Plus I have this growing interest in multiples.


Sawing Logs

In mid March I was cutting some wood for a final project for my Sculpture I class in the Shop/ Lab-House-of-Badassery, and the saw I was working on gave my finger a friendly lick. A little too friendly if you ask me. Ironically, the whole accident relieved all my stress and anxiety about finals and ended up being quite an adventure! (I didn't cry guys. I'm a big boy now!)
With stitches!
Sans stitches! 


Grades Are In!

It's been quite the academic year, and as a nice little consolation there's a 99.99% chance I'll be getting my primary scholarship reinstated! I'm ashamed to say that I haven't been on the Dean's List since... middle school? Take that my first year of college! You couldn't slow me down forever! It's a bit of a miracle that I came out on top for this second attempt at Florida State considering that this spring semester started with me totaling my '94 Corolla (aka The Milk Machine) and then ended by carelessly grazing a finger on this: