Sawing Logs

In mid March I was cutting some wood for a final project for my Sculpture I class in the Shop/ Lab-House-of-Badassery, and the saw I was working on gave my finger a friendly lick. A little too friendly if you ask me. Ironically, the whole accident relieved all my stress and anxiety about finals and ended up being quite an adventure! (I didn't cry guys. I'm a big boy now!)
With stitches!
Sans stitches! 

The project was to make a reliquary that had some sort of personal significance, and since I recently totalled the only car I've ever had I figured why not? Nothing else really seemed important enough to honor, especially since my mom had THE. HARDEST. TIME. parting ways with the thing. (Mom had to visit me five hours away just to say her goodbyes to the car and apparently cried on the way home) So obviously the car meant a lot. I chose to personify the vehicle with a figurative bust while still maintaining its oblong silhouettes. The reliquary's finish also reflected the car's white automotive paint and dark interior.
Of course, I made adjustments to the final design as the piece materialized. The reliquary is made of scrap wood that turned out to be hard oak, and instead of the cigarette lighter relic I used the windshield wiper knob because of its relevance to the demise of my car (heavy rain made me lose control of the car). I also dropped the halo because I got lazy. Ha.

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