Grades Are In!

It's been quite the academic year, and as a nice little consolation there's a 99.99% chance I'll be getting my primary scholarship reinstated! I'm ashamed to say that I haven't been on the Dean's List since... middle school? Take that my first year of college! You couldn't slow me down forever! It's a bit of a miracle that I came out on top for this second attempt at Florida State considering that this spring semester started with me totaling my '94 Corolla (aka The Milk Machine) and then ended by carelessly grazing a finger on this:

It's surprising that I handled myself like a reasonable human being until the end (Don't bother asking my friends about it, BECAUSE THEY'LL AGREE FOR SURE). Not that all the stress and self-doubt didn't produce a lasting impression on me. I'm still pretty shaken, and I have an eternal brick in my chest. Almost feels like these grades are all I have to show for the literal sweat, blood and tears I put into this work, and that some douche in an office will revoke everything. According to my friends there's no grounds for me to think like this, so hey! Enough with the pissing and moaning.

Back to reality, it's summer now and I'm out of school for three months. What will I do with all this free time?! I'm starting a sad excuse for an "artist's" blog, and (hopefully) updating it with the assumption that anybody really cares. I'm also going to hustle. I WILL HUSTLE THE HELL OUT OF THIS SUMMER. I've got an interview at Sears on Thursday, and I'm preparing a shop on the cyberwebz to sell some of my fine, fancy wares JUST in case I don't land the job (which better not happen, because I will cut someone). Oh yeah, and that BFA audition/portfolio/mental-breakdown-in-the-making...


  1. I'm not EVEN gonna ask you what the hell you were doing with a band saw.

  2. Congrats on the scholarship! :D Good luck with the job search, hope you get Sears~~
    Also, whenever you set up a cyberwebz shop (on etsy?) lemme know!^^

    1. Of course, of course! I will definitely not be quiet about it. Haha.