I really REALLY enjoy tacky.

Look who enjoys flocking. This girl.

Strawberry Ice Cream Goddess is a five color screen print with the final magenta layer flocked. Flocking was an interesting process. I found that a ratio of one part ink and one part adhesive (I'm assuming it was PVA) worked well, however I made multiple passes with the squeegee to ensure the areas did not dry too quickly. I had a little bit of an issue with it drying in my screen so printing with multiple passes, much like fabric printing, and quick working helped to avoid constant trips to the sink.

The strawberry flavored goddess is a continuation of my interest in taking simple, familiar objects (usually items frequently associated with childhood) and creating a vast mythology behind them. Ice cream is a representation of paradise in my mythology, much like nirvana or heaven in religion. My logic behind this stems from ice cream generally being a reward or a comfort to people. Whether it be an ice cream cone for your kid who just wrote their first research paper (it was probably the greatest cone I've had), or if you had a terrible week and need to drown your sorrows in frozen goodness ice cream is a symbol of positivity and optimism.

Here are some in progress photos!

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