Guess who can sew garments now!

I am the wigless Peach on the right looking short and tan. 
Last weekend, Aug. 31 - Sept. 3, I attended my first ever convention Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia. Yes, I did a cosplay. No, it was not finished. But it was still a success considering it was my first and not one out of the 10,000+ con attendees asked who I was supposed to be. So I'll take that as a glorious win!

I went as a pleather Princess Peach. Originally it was going to be sort of half ball gown with a shorter skirt under all made of essentially raincoat material. Unfortunately due to time constraints and my limited budget I was only able to finish with only the shorter circle skirt.
The daikon messenger bag was completed first because I'm more experienced in working with bags and non-garment items. That too was made with pleather, and lined with a dark grey woven denim-like material. I did not attach the back zipper pouch because I felt that it would've put too much strain on the unforgiving patent material.

Pleather material is essentially thin plastic film with a fabric backing, usually polyester. In my case I used the shiny latex-like pleather so the plastic is very thin making the material better suited for apparel in comparison to the faux-leather type fabric used for upholstery. However, since it is a plastic holes from pins and needles, wrinkles, and mistaken seams become a permanent eyesore. So if you do choose to work with pleather, be very sure where you are placing your pins or sewing your seams if you want a good looking finished garment. Unlike regular woven, non-woven or knit fabrics where pins and needles can fit in between the warps and wefts or fibers, plastic on the other hand is a non-porous and non-malleable surface.

Back to the point, I chose not to wear a wig for this particular outing because it hadn't reached me in time for the con. Actually I got it in the mail yesterday and it's so freaking awesome that it will definitely be on the next time I cosplay this character. Colored contacts were also something I gave up on since I only needed a pair, and not three pairs. Since my vision sucks I would have to get prescription colors that was way more than i wanted to spend. Contacts do expire. I wore an A-line petticoat to give the skirt body as well as white over-the-knee stockings and half glove thingies. All of which I did not sew. Same with that children's bubble umbrella.

When I do decide to finish the cosplay, I'll have to remember to make the crown and her massive earrings. WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT THAT PEACH WAS SUCH A COMPLEX CHARACTER?!

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